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Our entire team of technicians is qualified, licensed, and experienced to perform all sorts of installation and repairs. Our industry is poorly overseen by licensing organizations. Hence, we believe clients are wary of companies/people who claim they can do installations or repairs only to find out they were are not experienced at all.
Once our team of expert technicians has installed a refrigerating system, their work does not stop there. Our team optimise the systems performance by meticulously adjusting components to provide the most efficient system operation possible. We monitor the system in various application work loads and implement any fine adjustments needed. Long term monitoring is also available through specialised hardware and web based software
We make sure no errors are made during the installation process and that you are given the best refrigeration system. But sometimes, due to minor faults or low maintenance, minor system failures can occur. But there is no need to worry; you can always call our repair and maintenance services for help.
Most times this is caused by poor maintenance of the equipment or poor initial design and commissioning of the system. Hence, it’s better to get these systems designed, installed and maintained by a professional service provider who fully understands and has experience in your application needs.
The evaporator is the cooling aspect of the refrigeration cycle. If the evaporator is dirty, the cooling cycle loses efficiency and hence causes high operating costs. Indoor coils are exposed to excessive air changes/contaminants in commercial applications and thus require cleaning from food greases, acids, and general dust.
The condenser is like the radiator in a car. It keeps the refrigeration system cycle cool and hence ensures it can maintain efficient system operation. The condenser is frequently clogged with dust and debris from its average 16+ hour a day cycle. A dirty condenser also causes high operating costs and is the primary cause of premature system failure.
The compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system. The compressor circulates refrigerant to enable the required cooling effect, but this component is only as good as the condenser and evaporator working correctly. A compressor operates for an average of 16 hours a day. If we said that this related to an average 60km/h in a vehicle, then we can ascertain that in one month, this compressor has performed the equivalent of 29000 km. We all know that we service our vehicles every 10k to 15K Km, but for some reason, customers do not service their refrigeration systems. We cannot express enough the importance of maintaining your refrigeration equipment.
By comparison, a domestic fridge is designed differently and is lightly used in commercial applications. A domestic fridge is not just smaller in size, but it requires less maintenance too. It’s carefully designed to give cooling in a progressive manner over a longer period. However, if a domestic fridge was used commercially, it just would not succeed, and it would fail with respect to food temperature and temperature recovery issues.

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