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Our Services

Refrigeration Design Installation and Service Specialists
We provide start to finish detailed design and installation services

24/7 Emergency services are available through our office phone number

CRI promotes regular maintenance through the use of high-end equipment

At CRI we specialize in designing innovative Glycol refrigeration systems

We provide locally manufactured glass display doors of the highest quality suiting each specific application


We offer a ‘full package’ refrigeration system from the installation of the cool room panelling, to the custom designed refrigeration system, including all the electrical wiring, completed by our licensed electricians meeting all the relevant Building Codes of Australia. ​

We specialize in projects that require an “out of the box” approach so please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.


Commercial refrigeration breakdowns can cause massive damage to your running business. Your business sales rely on efficient working cooling systems to deliver cold products on time to its customers. Any breakdowns in the system can lead to no sales generation, which further allows customers to no longer purchase items from you. Such practices can cause severe damage to your business brand name and reputation that you might have spent years to build.

If you have a commercial refrigerator installed and if it faces any system failure, then call for our 24/7 emergency breakdown services immediately. Our trained team of professionals is available all day to assist you in booking appointments, answering your queries, and providing you with a custom offer that best meets your needs and requirements.