What We Can Offer

We specialize in providing exceptional small commercial to industrial refrigeration services. We provide our customers with bespoke designs and in-house engineering selections backed up by our quality installations, service, maintenance, and emergency breakdown services in a diverse range of refrigeration applications


I have been utilizing the services of CRI since my inception in the role of State Operations Manager for PFD Fresh To Go in Western Australia. Within this timeframe I have been more than satisfied with the services they have provided, the expertise their crew has shown and the punctual nature of their business practices. I know I can rely, on them to provide a professional service and feedback whenever required and they always keep the customers best interest first and foremost whenever offering advice.

Heath Manix

PFD Fresh To Go

The relationship with CRI and Building Solutions stretches back over many local and remote projects. CRI are customer focused with demonstrated extensive experience that ensures projects are completed in a timely and professional manner. Troy Duncan’s knowledge and his time spent up front to assist with options, design and cost saving is second to none. We are happy to work with CRI on future projects and can highly recommend them as a company that provide flexible and personalised service to their clients whilst producing a quality product.

Luke Huxtabl

Building Solutions

Troy and the Team at CRI are easy to work with and proactive at developing bespoke refrigeration solutions even in complicated situations. CRI has always proven reliable, and their products have held up over time as being of really good quality in an industry with a lot of fly-by-night competition. If you want somebody who can provide a hassle-free experience, talk to the professional, friendly and always approachable Team at CRI.

Krystal Pen


We Customize Our Service Offerings

Our commercial refrigeration systems are custom made. This is what makes us stand out among our competitors. We have refined our designs and techniques to bring you supreme quality commercial refrigeration services all year round at affordable prices. We know our client’s concerns are distinctive in nature; keeping this thought in mind, we apply meaningful strategies with careful implementation to exceed your unique requirements.
Our Services Speak Volume

We believe in excellence, resilience, and quality. Keeping these values in mind, we carefully train our staff to become better versions of themselves through effective training methods. You can entirely rely on us for energy-efficient solutions. Moreover, we also believe in attaining advice from professional consultants and designs for special refrigeration applications. We never compromise on quality; that's just not us.


Here at C-R-I, we provide quality emergency refrigeration repair service, which operates to the highest level of performance. A cooling system breakdown can cause significant damage, especially towards food restoration. The cooling system must keep on running efficiently in between service hours. But unfortunately, if you face a breakdown, call us immediately! As we provide coherent emergency breakdown services available to you 24/7. Some qualities are given down below.

  • Warrantees & Gurantees
  • Exceed Expectations
  • Easy Contact
We Continuously Improvise

With over 30 years of experience in this particular industry, we have acquired sufficient knowledge and expertise to devise strategies that best fit our customer needs. Our client's needs and requirements have evolved with time. Keeping these revolutionary changes in mind, we develop and improvise our commercial refrigeration plans accordingly so; our clients get everything they desire. These continuous improvements in making ourselves better by boosting proficiency, adapting to modern technology equipment, and training staff accordingly, have made our performance measures remarkable to this day.

We Evaluate Results

Once our team of expert technicians has successfully installed a refrigerating system in your area, their work does not stop there. Our team optimize the systems performance by meticulously adjusting components to provide the most efficient system operation possible. We monitor the system in various application work loads and implement any fine adjustments needed. Our team aims for optimal quality and efficiency to suit the application needs. From design, installation, repair and maintenance, it's our utmost responsibility that you are served with nothing but the highest quality and efficient cooling system to suit your needs.

Why Choose Us?

Commercial refrigeration industries have built a reputable image in the market through its commitment, dedication, and teamwork. We take pride in serving an enormous clientele ranging from builders, franchise owners, hospitality designers, food production, and the very many end-users in bars, cafes, restaurants across WA. Our valuable clientele has been maintained through developing and maintaining strong relations and a two-way channel of communication. We strive to modify our existing procedures and practices by setting them according to modernistic standards. We also aim to comply with all legislative standards, policies, and procedures as entailed in Australian Law. Opt for our commercial refrigeration services; you won’t regret your decision.

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CRI – Emergency Fridge Repairs Service

Commercial refrigeration industries is a family-owned firm that has been offering robust cool room repairs Perth, as well as installation, and maintenance services, since 2002. We are committed to using the most up-to-date processes not only for industrial & commercial fridges Perth installation but also for proper cool room repairs and maintenance services, ensuring that our valued clients receive complete solutions.

Our constant desire to improve has secured us a respectable position in the industry, allowing us to become a frontrunner in industrial and commercial refrigeration Perth design, installation, maintenance & cool room repairs Perth.

We are proud to be a family-owned and operated company that offers commercial refrigeration Perth systems and services throughout Perth’s metro area 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

CRI has built a commercial refrigeration Perth business to meet the increased need for emergency fridge repairs service, with a history in bespoke cool room repairs Perth. The most essential thing is to provide excellent and economical cool room to all of our current and potential new clients.

CRI  staff has a combined expertise of 19 years in the sector. CRI Commercial Refrigeration Perth is dedicated to its clients. We make certain that every single one of our clients receives outstanding service quality every time.

CRI Commercial refrigeration Industries is founded on a foundation of professional service, and it is because of these fundamental principles that we can build and improve our commercial refrigeration Perth services year by year. We’ve developed these to guarantee that we’ll always be guided by our objective to excellent customer service.

Our Mission & Values

Here are a few of our core beliefs that help to define and solidify our company and vision.

High-Quality Repairs: Our goal is to keep your refrigerators running at peak efficiency by offering high-quality cool room repairs and maintenance services following proper installation.

Bespoke Designs: Our custom commercial fridges Perth plans and designs aid in the facilitation of bigger site design demands and the optimisation of workflow, all before a single work step is completed on-site.

Qualified Technicians: A certified team of specialists with appropriate knowledge and skill is fully trained to maintain and repair your commercial fridges Perth systems to the highest possible standard.

Emergency Fridge Repair Service: We provide servicing and cool room repairs Perth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are always there to assist you anywhere anytime.

Dedicated & Responsible: Because our clients are the prime asset of our company, we’re dedicated to providing the best possible cool room repair and emergency fridge repairs services. We work with professionalism and dedication, and we’re committed to doing everything we can to maintain your cool rooms repair  situation as quiet, hassle-free, and controlled as possible.

Focus On Quality: We only deal with premium, well-known products in commercial refrigeration Perth and adhere to the highest of standards. We operate effectively, reliably, efficiently, and with a strong emphasis on quality.

Affordable Cool Room Repairs: Our dedication is equally as vital as our expertise. We strive to serve our clients by assisting them in considering their budget, requirements, and property. We’re here to give dependable, effective commercial fridges Perth solutions for lasting customer satisfaction.

Professionalism: We take every task with the utmost professionalism, whether you’re a commercial or residential customer, whether the work is large or small, simple or complex.

Customized Service: We undertake in-depth consultations with our clients in order to fully understand their commercial refrigeration Perth requirements. Individual demands need individual service, which we acknowledge.

Are You Having Cool Room Repairs Emergency

Signs You Need Emergency Fridge Repairs

Fan Blade Noise

When you open your refrigerator and hear a strange sound coming from the fan, it indicates that the fan blade is caught in the housing or that the fan has slid back due to wear and tear. It’s time to contact a commercial refrigeration repairs Perth.


Minor drip from commercial fridges Perth is not something to be worried about. Meanwhile, if your commercial refrigeration is dripping excessively from the ceiling, you may have a congested condenser drain, which can only be repaired by an experienced refrigeration repairs Perth professional.

Compressor Failure

Compressor malfunction is a common problem with commercial refrigeration systems; contact us if you need a cost-effective and prompt commercial refrigeration repairs in Perth.

Damaged Door Seals

Door seals are a key element of your cool rooms or fridge; if they leak, they may create problems such as ice build-up and over-loading of the equipment. If you discover your door is not really sealed, contact our commercial refrigeration repairs Perth experts.

Automatic Door Closing

A balanced auto-closing door of commercial refrigeration will smoothly swing back and gently close back after opening. This is a major issue for commercial refrigerators because if the doors aren’t shutting behind you, the internal temperature will be inaccurate, leading to frost build-up.

To list a few more faulty signs which indicate freezer room repair are;

  • The commercial refrigeration is no longer chilling.
  • Water is seeping from the commercial refrigeration Perth appliance.
  • The refrigerator is overcooling.
  • The freezer door would not close properly.
  • There is a noise coming from the fridge.


CRI Commercial Refrigeration Services Perth

Design | Installation | Maintenance | Repair

Installations:  All sorts of cool rooms, freezer rooms, and commercial refrigeration are installed.

Emergency Fridge Repair:  Our professionals are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Free Quotes: For new purchases, we can offer a preliminary estimate or a detailed account.

Regas Service: Commercial refrigeration equipment has to be re-gassed if it’s not up to standards. A re-gas is in order if you have trouble with commercial refrigeration cooling.

Protective Maintenance: We make sure that all of your commercial refrigeration equipment is in good working order

Prompt Cool Room Repairs: We understand the importance of getting equipment back in operation as quickly as possible.

Trained Mechanics: Our commercial refrigeration mechanics are some of the most skilled in the industry.

Restaurant Appliances: We provide a large selection of commercial refrigeration appliances for all sorts of restaurants.

Insurance Claims: We can gladly offer a quote for any insurance claim regarding cool room repairs.

Trusted & Warranted: For several refrigerator manufacturers, we are the trusted warranty experts. Check our credentials and testimonials for our exceptional cool room repairs.

How We Can Help You!!!

Industries Covered by CRI

We’ll help you think about your storage needs, such as the size and shape of your commercial refrigeration system, sound restrictions, and the unit’s aesthetic appeal. We strictly observe all Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

We provide commercial refrigeration systems to a multitude of food & beverage industries,

  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Bars and clubs
  • Butcher Shops
  • Coffee shops
  • Supermarket chains
  • Service stations and food outlets are some of them.

Our Commercial Refrigeration Units Range

Our commercial refrigeration product categories include;

  • Domestic & Commercial Refrigeration Systems
  • Freezer Rooms
  • Cool Rooms
  • Drinks Fridge
  • Wine Fridge
  • Supermarket Fridges
  • Ice Machines
  • Upright Fridges
  • Cold plates
  • Underbench Fridges
  • Beer Chillers
  • Blast Chillers
  • Display Fridges

Residential Fridge Repairs Perth

Emergency fridge repairs become inevitable, if the fridge is not functioning during the summers or on humid days, it may be difficult to preserve food and fruits for lengthy periods of time, resulting in increased food spoiling and waste. Well, be it any season, commercial refrigeration is a necessity.

Rapid and convenient residential emergency fridge repairs and maintenance in Perth to improve operational performance and extend the life of your refrigerator or freezer.

Our emergency fridge repair specialists will be able to quickly and successfully repair and service your refrigerator in your house, regardless of the fault, brand, or model, to maintain its usefulness and performance.

Commercial Refrigeration Repairs

Commercial Refrigeration Breakdowns Should Not Damage Your Business

We deliver high-quality, affordable, timely & swift commercial refrigeration repairs, in Perth metro region. We have the skills and understanding to handle, maintain and repair a wide range of commercial refrigeration units. Whatever the fault, brand, or model of the commercial refrigeration unit, our  cool rooms repair mechanics will be able to rapidly fix and service your commercial refrigeration units, including gas leak repairing, re-gassing, and replacing damaged parts.

Repair All Makes And Models

CRI has professionals that can handle any make and model of brands with expertise and ease, like Admiral, Bosch, Jennair, LG, Kelvinator, Philips, Samsung, and many others.  Our cool rooms repair technicians also have a range of commercial refrigeration parts on hand, such as thermostats, compressors, motors, gas, fans, and other small components.

Drinks Fridge Repair

Is your beverage refrigerator acting up at the most inconvenient time? Our qualified specialists in drinks fridge repair can deliver fast and effective restorations and services to help you get the most out of your appliance.

Customised & Bespoke Commercial Refrigeration Solutions

We can design install and maintain commercial refrigeration systems to meet your exact specifications. We’ll work with you to make sure you receive a product that suits your needs, fits within your budget, and be delivered on time.

As Perth’s premier commercial refrigeration business, we can design and deliver your custom-made commercial refrigeration unit. Our expert staff can build a reasonable commercial refrigeration unit, a specialised chiller, a big cool rooms, or a freezer room to accommodate your unique requirements.

  • Commercial Refrigeration Bespoke Design
  • Commercial Refrigeration Installation
  • Commercial Refrigeration Or Cool Rooms Repair
  • Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

24/7 Emergency Fridge Repairs Service In Perth

Emergency fridge repair service implies that a technician will arrive as quickly as possible, including on evenings and weekends, and are available round the clock 24/7. Our emergency fridge repair services phone lines are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you may call us at any time and get a quick response.

The sooner you contact a freezer room repair service, the faster the equipment will be repaired. We also provide an emergency fridge repair service to demonstrate that we are always available, even at unusual hours. We are professionals in servicing all major commercial refrigeration appliance brands, so whichever make or model fridge you have, we can service it.

Same-Day Service & Cool Room Repairs

Are you in a hurry to get your appliance up and running? Instead of waiting days for a technician to arrive, simply phone our staff and we’ll have an expert rushed for same-day cool room repairs! Same-day service refers to appointments and services that are booked within regular business hours.

We cover Perth and the surrounding suburbs, so you can be confident that we’ll have your appliance restored in no time! We provide same-day cool room repairs and freezer room repairs.

We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible if you have a problem with your commercial fridges Perth. Just give us a call if your commercial fridges Perth or freezer suddenly stops working, and our professionals will be there in no time.

Experience And Certification

You can’t underestimate the significance of expertise in an industry like emergency fridge repair. The more broken refrigerators a technician has examined, the faster they should be able to identify and fix your issue. He’ll know what components to utilise for your particular brand and model, as well as the most common issues of your commercial refrigeration unit.

Cost-Effective Cool Room Repairs

All necessary licences and certificates are in our possession. Our organisation offers contract maintenance services on a regular basis. We have insurance in place to safeguard your interests. Our pricing is both affordable, cost-effective and clear. We have a prompt and fast customer service team that is eager to assist customers.

12-Month Service Warranty

we provide a warranty for our services, so you can be assured that you have chosen the best cool room repair Perth professionals. Our technicians are trained to look after your commercial refrigeration units.

Preventive Maintenance Contracts

In the food and beverage business, maintaining the cold chain is critical for product preservation and avoiding any microbial contamination. Each product has its own ideal storage and preservation conditions.

Temperature is one of the most critical criteria to ensure food safety throughout the preparation process. Commercial fridges Perth systems are required for items such as fish, poultry, meat, dairy, and fruits in order to maintain low temperatures and prolong the recommended consumption time.

Commercial fridges Perth is in regular use in retail, wholesale, and warehouse settings. As a result, the display fridges must be inspected to confirm that there are no loose components or doors that do not close properly. If you don’t catch them early enough with inspections, they might cause more serious harm to the appliance as a whole.

Preventive maintenance is the most effective strategy to guarantee that your commercial fridges Perth units work as expected at all times. This is especially crucial for commercial freezers since continuous functioning is critical to your revenue and business. All of our commercial clients have access to our most affordable preventative maintenance contracts.

Our professionals will arrive on time and perform preventative inspections, clean-ups, and cool room repairs at your location. This guarantees that your commercial fridges Perth runs smoothly at all times. Preventative maintenance will reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and handle any wear and tear as soon as possible.


Australian Business Quality Awards recognizes “Commercial Refrigeration Industries Pty Ltd” for Strong focus on customer satisfaction and excellence in it’s services.

We are Licensed and Certified
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